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5 effective ways to interact with your audience on Instagram
Written by Pedro kazitch on 10 December 2018
In three years, Instagram has left its status as a site for publishing photos of its meals to become the essential meeting point for the world's leading brands. More and more brands and Internet users are present, and unlike most other social networks, its users publish branded content in their feeds. According to Forrester, Instagram even has the highest rate of interaction between brands and their customers of any social network.
The existence of a social network in which users want to interact with brands seems almost too good to be true. However, you should not take this openness to brands for granted. Your subscribers expect you to use Instagram like them: by publishing many quality images, commenting on other people's photos and generally interacting.
If you're not sure how to interact with your audience beyond the likes and dislikes, here are some ideas to help you make a good impression on Instagram.
#1 - Use opinion leaders
If you are looking to increase your notoriety, do not hesitate to contact opinion leaders / influencers on Instagram. More than just Internet users, they are now real celebrities. By working with them, you will improve your reach and brand awareness, and show that you care about trends. Read about it: How to integrate influencers into your marketing strategy?
For successful partnerships, you must first and foremost choose the opinion leaders that match your brand. You must keep in mind who your audience is. The subscribers of your opinion leaders must be numerous, but above all, they must be appropriate. The best opinion leaders for your Instagram marketing strategy will be those who speak to your audience and engage them in this community.
The interest of a large community depends on your ability to generate strong interactions. Don't get stuck on the number of subscribers and focus instead on the number of interactions. By partnering with people who are already the source of many interactions, you can participate in the conversation instead of trying to take the lead or having to start your own.
#2 - Use re-publication
One of the most effective ways to interact with your Instagram subscribers is to use the content they generate. Republishing, the practice of publishing a photo from a third party's account on your own account, is one of the simplest and most effective interactions. The creator of the photo benefits from the personal attention of a brand and better exposure through his network. As a brand, you prove that you care about your subscribers and feel free to share their content.
If one of your favorite brands likes your photo enough to share it on its feed, you'll probably be very proud of it. A mutually beneficial relationship is established that transforms a traditional subscriber into an ambassador for your brand. In addition, it allows you to fill your feed with beautiful photos without having to take them yourself.
#3 - Use your captions to start the discussion
Too many brands only inform their captions about Instagram because they are obliged to do so. It is true, Instagram is a visual social network and photos are its nerve centre. However, the captions is an important element that can generate commitment.
Believe it or not, a good caption is not limited to a few words. The best Instagram users in the world use them to tell a story, ask a question or integrate fun hashtags and emojis. By devoting a little time to your caption, you will bring your image to life and help your subscribers feel closer to you and your content.
Be consistent in tone. Simplify your life by defining loose guidelines, such as adding a date or time stamp, or publishing the lyrics of an appropriate song. Are you the type to tell stories by publishing a whole paragraph or rather to encourage your subscribers to tell their own story? It is important to find your voice. It will also help you overcome the blank page syndrome. 
#4 - Participate in your comment feeds
Monitoring what your subscribers say about the photos you publish, for good or bad, is an important part of interacting with your audience. Thank users for posting positive comments or identifying their friends. Answer comments that ask you questions about a photo or your activity.
By spending a little time with your subscribers, you show them that you are interested in what they have to say. Also, remember that by responding to comments, questions and concerns published on your Instagram feed, you strengthen brand loyalty and prove that a small heart beats behind all these images.
#4 - Participate in your comment feeds
By organizing a competition, you can raise passions about your business or your brand. With Instagram, it is actually very easy to organize small contests that will allow you to increase your subscriber base and improve your interactions. You are limited only by your creativity. Think about the purpose of your competition and the options available to you.
Here are some of the different types of contests you could organize:
Contests based on the Likes are the simplest. All your subscribers need to do is like your photos to enter a draw to win the prize of your choice.
Comment contests require your subscribers to do a little more work. Users must comment on your photo to participate in the draw. The catchphrase of these contests is usually of the type "tell us why you want to win" or "identify three of your friends". By asking your subscribers to comment or identify other Instagram users, you will get very interesting feedback and increase traffic to your company's Instagram account.
Republication contests require users who wish to participate in the contest to republish an image by associating your company or brand account with it. Thus, the image of your choice will be shared with your subscribers, but also with your subscribers' subscribers. #subscription
Photo contests are very popular on Instagram. Users who wish to participate must publish one of their photos on their personal account and associate it with specific hashtags. Last summer, the men's underwear company MyPakage organized a course on Instagram asking its subscribers to publish photos with the hashtag #permissiontoplay. She explained that she was giving permission to "drop classes, achieve her life goals, leave her daily routine behind..." The contest quickly gained momentum when subscribers (old and new) began sharing photos "showing their genius outdoors". Even after the contest ended, Instagram users continued to use the hashtag, which is included in more than 7,200 publications.

Article published par Pedro Kazitch

Pedro Kazitch is a Slovak, he has over 15 years of experience in content marketing and copywriting. he deliver high-quality work, on time, every time. he write video scripts, blog posts, web copy, and emails, ebooks, special reports, and white papers.
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