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We create brands, the ones that express know-how, a product, a service. And on which also depends your development.
At Brand for Influencer™ we help you define and sharpen your vision and then help you bring it to life. We’re focused on creating custom solutions that develop your messaging in order to build and drive brand awareness.

Brand For Influencer WORK WITH, HAPPY 2 HELP!
Brand for Influencer™ is a Los Angeles, CA-based agency full of creators, advisors, strategists, and people who just get excited about digital marketing. For more than 7 years, We propose the creation of an online shop and the development of a brand for influencers and custom-tailored marketing strategies that help grow your businesses.
Our proven methodology for rebuilding a brand or crafting a new advertising strategy. Think of it as a “Marketing Mulligan”, a fresh shot taken with the benefit of lessons learned. Our process takes the guesswork out and replaces it with strategy based on solid facts and data. We know that creative ideas based on strategy are more consistent and effective, and build trust with your target audience. And everybody knows that people buy from brands they trust.
We know that running a successful business is hard. We’re here to help make the marketing piece a little easier.
Work With
Everything we do is about making your marketing easier. That’s why our motto of “B.O.I Work With, Happy 2 Help,” permeates our team, our work, and our culture. In every interaction, we strive to be friendly, helpful, attentive, and valuable partners for your business.
Team of Experts
Marketing is constantly evolving, and no single person can possibly know everything. We cultivate a whole team of experts who love marketing in general but specialize in their unique fields. That way, we can bring the widest breadth of marketing expertise to your brand.
Proven Process
Create a brand doesn’t happen by accident – it starts with a plan. We kick off every project by getting to know your audiance in depth and developing a solid strategy, customized for you. With our proven 5-step process, we put your business on the path to success.
We Get Results
We believe that Create a brand should be an investment, not an expense. That’s why we focus on your unique goals and getting the results that matter for your shop. We’ll track and report on all our efforts along the way, so you can see the value of your business.
Brand for Influencer™ TO WORK WITH, HAPPY TO HELP.
Erin Dexter
President & CEO
United States
Frauke Becker
CEO Acube Media®
Leon Kaufmann
Web Team Manager
United States
Bertha Wilson
Account Manager
United States
Lance Dumas
Director of Digital Marketing Strategy
United States
Emily Lavoie
Web Designer/Developer
Anna Wilcox
Web Designer/App
Marcia Smith
Account Manager
United States
Darnie Bilger
Web Designer/Developer
United States
Daniel Johnson
Tanya Okeefe
United States
Charlotte Mercier
Social Media Manager
Anna Baxter
Media Buyers
Rhys Atkins
Web Designer/Developer
United States
Olivier Girou
Sourcing expert
Victoria Hamilton
Data Integrity Analyst
United States
Michael Nash
Social Media Specialist
United States
Dominik Herrmann
Web Designer/Developer
 Brand for Influencer™  is about getting the metrics that make it easy 
for every influencer to succeed in their industry.
Our Course Values

Brand for Influencer™ goal is to be the worlds best revenue centric funnel/shop automation that makes it simple for influencer to get clear actionable revenue metrics from their shop that enable explosive growth.
Who we are and
Our vision
We are a winning oriented team, focused on simplifying businesses ability to understand revenue metrics from their leads that enable result oriented decisions to accelerate business growth.
We only feel pleased when
your business grows!
Our success
your success
Want to join the team?
You will be great fit if you
Want to be entrusted with 
challenging work
We do not hire B teamers here. This might sound tough, but at Brand for Influencer™ we will entrust you with challenging work and give you the freedom to solve it creatively in you own way. We do not want to micro manage you, we want to empower you to do what you do best better than you ever before. We can only accomplish this with A players.

Are result oriented and enjoy 
doing work that matters
At Brand for Influencer™ we believe in stay lean and getting having teams of 15 that accomplish more than teams of 50. Because of this every task you have is important. We focus on getting stuff done without fluff or office bureaucracy.
Like being part of a community 
of fun loving, imagination driven 
winners who get s#@t done
If you like Star Wars, have a Family Guy sense of humor, or have ever taken joy whooping up on people in online gaming you might fit in here. We are a team that likes to have fun and part of having fun for us is winning and being better than anyone else about what we do.

Be part of the
Boom in California
Join us in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation for 
young entrepreneurs and businesses

Are you ready to
Create your brand?
Brand for Influencer™ S.A.R.L
2495 Tenmile, Los Angeles
United states
SIRET : 791 214 355 00010
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