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Launch Your Clothing Brand 100% Free 
Brand for Influencer is a marketing agency that helps influencers create their own brand and no longer depend on any other commercial brand. Our agency is specialized in the creation of high quality clothing and mugs.
It's 100% free

Building a strong Brand image
everything to boost your income.
At Brand for Influencer™, brand image is one of the most important aspects of building a sustainable and profitable brand in the long term. An effective branding strategy effectively gives you a major advantage in increasingly competitive markets.
Creating your shop
Modernity and comfort will go hand in hand with conversion rates
We develop modern and advanced web services for our customers. The objective is to provide you with an E-Commerce store and to allow you to develop your turnover on the Web in complete autonomy. 
Integrated dashboard 
Advanced statistics 
Monthly turnover. Number of sales. Value per contact. Value per customer. Everything is indicated on your dashboard
The influencers who win the most Are those who create their brand !
It's fact, the infleunceurs who create their brand earn 10X more than those who only do product placement.
At Brand for Influencer™, We help influencers to create their real brand through our agents who find the best opportunity with high quality products. 100% Approved and validated by our expert sourcing team.
Identification is the key to performance
Brand Development
We create your brand from A to Z, from market research, values, intentions and objectives to the creation of a strong identity for your future business.
Website Construction
We create your custom-optimized online store with a high conversion rate and connect it to our accounting and product management software.
Product Selection
After studying your audience on social media. We choose the best product for your company. So that you have the highest possible turnover every month.
Benefits & features
Advance Sales Tracking
Our partner platform allows you to track all statistics and actively monitor every sale and conversion in your company without having to make any major changes.
Abandoned Cart Recovery
With our simple, robust and reliable abandoned Cart recovery system that converts your store's lost revenue by tracking all abandoned cart and retargeting them by automated email.
Messenger Broadcast
With messenger broadcast We will be able to send mass promotional messages to all the people who are registered on the list via a boot messenger.
Optimized Sales Funnel
We build a super advanced sales funnel with a high conversion rate (Up-sell, Down-sell and Cross-sell). So that each page of your shop will bring you as much conversion as possible. 
Skyrocket your income

The products are stocked in our warehouses
Storage of products
Of course, we manage the storage of the products directly in our warehouses throughout America and Europe to facilitate the management and delivery of the customers.
Customer service 
Our team fully manages customer orders
Our marketing team specialized in stock management takes care of packaging and shipping the products to the customer anywhere in the world.
Relax and enjoy it !
Collect profits 24/7
With your integrated dashboard, whether you are at work or on holiday at the beach, you can follow all the statistics and sales you have generated on your online store live. See the number of customers and products that bought the most.
Our Designs
Our designs dream have the highest 
conversion rates on the market.

Our happy influencers 
Vanessa Merrell
Veronica Merrell
Natalie Alzate
Mahogany Lox
Cloe Feldman
Brent Rivera
Lexi hensler
Ben Azelart
+ And many more...
Our Win-win Solution!
5% commission only
Of course, our brand creation service for influencers is totally free, we only get 5% commission on each sale made on your shop. if you make a sale at $27, then we only take $2.7 + the cost of manufacturing the product. and you keep everything else for you.
support VIP
Our specialist will assist you throughout the entire process of creating your brand.
from the creation to the final installation of your shop. we will give you all the details possible so that you choose yourself the name of your brand and the products to sell on your shop.
automatic payment
To receive funds for the sales you have made on your shop, Our online payment provider makes deposits (payments) from the available balance in your shop directly into your paypal or bank account every day. thus, you will have all your money as soon as possible on your paypal account.
I never knew that someday I could create my own brand. I would like to thank you sincerely for the excellent work you have done throughout this project. The announcement of the new brand was made internally and we have had positive feedback. The deadlines have been met and the final result is very beautiful! This made me feel motivated, energized! Thanks a million! "
-Tessa C, New York
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